THE STENCH OF STYX is on infinite hiatus from now on. When or even if there will be any musical activities under this moniker again, nobody will know. This legion has marched without commando far too long. It's time to lay the beast to rest.
Alas, this page will not be maintained on a regular level from this day on. We raise our bitter chalice to everyone who supported us and though was part of all these grim years. Take care.
Some last copies of the "Serpent Aeon"-album as well as a limited amount of the "Phoenix Revelation"-shirt can still be purchased thorugh GRIND ATTACK


Gospel of Possession (2006)
For All Hate in Man #10
The Serpent Aeon (2009)
  1. Unicide
  2. Generation Overkill
  3. Depoulating Vatican
  4. Pyromania
  5. Stench of Styx
  6. Antichrist Anthem / Outro
  1. Thy Earth Shatterth
  1. Pars Corporis Principes
  2. Eyes of Eternity
  3. Thy Earth (feat. Cypher D. Rex)
  4. I Am Wasteland
  5. Embers, Phoenix Rebirth
  6. Tidal Blessing
  7. Drowning in the Serpents Eye
  8. Abstract Horror Vortex (feat. K.N.)

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Past Rituals:

  • 26-12-2009: Dark December VI (Paderborn, Kulturwerkstadt) w/ Fäulnis & Verdunkeln
  • 23-10-2009: Dark ScenePlaying (Bielefeld, RLS) w/ Geist/Eis
  • 14-06-2009: Matinee-Show (Bielefeld, AJZ) w/ Long Distance Calling & Wolves in the Throne Room
  • 01-12-2007: Metal-Nacht (Lübeck, Burgtor) w/ Zahrim
  • 15-09-2007: Live Undead # 2 (Bielefeld, Black Rose) w/ Embedded
  • 16-06-2007: Acrid Night (Bückeburg, Kronenwerke)


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